Reading Your Way Through History

Spine Texts

Those studying history through the use of living books (biographies, historical fiction, etc.) sometimes find a textbook useful as an overview to turn back to on occasion and tie things together.  In order to make time for all that reading, some take a textbook and divide it out over two or three (or more) years while others just use selections from the textbook as needed. Grade levels are more flexible and the text can be used as a read-aloud.

Here are some Catholic choices. Please let me know of other suggestions:

Grade School:

The Catholic Schools Textbook Project

  • From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America (copyright 2003 – grade range 5-9)
  • All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography (copyright 2002 – grade range 6-9)
  • (additional texts planned in the future)

Fr. Philip Furlong's Texts 

Land of Our Lady Series

  • Founders of Freedom (copyright 1954)
  • Bearers of Freedom
  • Leaders of Freedom
  • Challenge of Freedom
  • Guardian of Freedom

High School:

Anne Carroll's Texts:


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  1. Another text is The Old World’s Gift To The New by Sister Mary Celeste (copyright 1932)

    Comment by E Bell — May 27, 2006 @ 9:20 pm

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