Reading Your Way Through History

May 12, 2006

5th Century BC

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The Battle of Marathon (490 BC)
"The Brave Three Hundred" BV 472-474 (The Battle of Thermopylae 480 BC)
The Battle of Salamis (480 BC)
The Book of Esther circa 480
Histories of Herodotus (450 BC Herodotus visits Egypt)
Golden Age of Athens (450 BC)

Victory on the Walls: A Story of Nehemiah by Frieda Clark Hyman

Out of Print Favorites:

Stories from Herodotus: A Panorama of Events and Peoples of the Ancient World by Glanville Downey, illustrated by Enrico Arno


The Parthenon, Athens, Greece (construction 447-432 BC)

Famous Speeches:

“Pericles Funeral Oration”, Pericles, 431 BC, Greee (Pericles, circa 495-429 BC),


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